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Divorce Lawyer Serving Collegeville, PA

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you have a lot of decisions to make. If you’re unsure what your rights are or how to achieve a fair outcome, Lisa J. Cappolella can help. Turn to an experienced divorce lawyer today for help with any of the divorce aspects you need to consider. Lisa J. Cappolella is located in Pottstown, PA, but is able to serve Collegeville, PA.

What Do You Need Help With?

Divorce is different for everyone. Lisa J. Cappolella is prepared to help with any divorce decision, including ones for:

  • Child custody: Do you want to seek joint or sole custody? Lisa J. Cappolella can help you understand your options, including visitation rights.
  • Child support: Whether you’re the parent who needs to receive or pay child support, Lisa J. Cappolella will help you know how these payments work.
  • Distribution of assets and debts: Pennsylvania is an equitable distribution state, which means you need to ensure you receive a fair amount of assets and debt management.
  • Spousal support: Whether you need to receive or provide permanent or temporary spousal support, discover what the laws and your rights are.

These are all very important, so rely on the experienced services of divorce attorney Lisa J. Cappolella.

What Divorce Settlement Methods Do You Have Available?

While many people settle the divorce through a court, some divorcing couples decide to go through mediation. Lisa J. Cappolella can help with either mediation or litigation. If you have decided to move forward with mediation, you can still consult with an attorney. Lisa Cappolella is available to assist

Mediation allows you to discuss important divorce matters with your spouse, which can reduce divorce costs, help you control divorce decisions, and decrease the amount of time for divorce proceedings. Litigation allows you to state your case before a court with the experienced help of Lisa J. Cappolella. No matter your method of choice, Lisa J. Cappolella is here for you.

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